We offer these types of Life Insurance

Final Expense

Final Expense is a Whole Life policy typically purchased to cover the cost of burial or funeral expenses. Most Final Expense policies have a face value of $2,000-$40,000. However, the average funeral cost is $12,500 making #3,000-$20,000 our most popular policies. Final Expense was created as a simplified issue so the application is short and doesn't require a medical exam. We value our existing policy holders and have created a policy for people like YOU. Those who have an existing AETNA Medicare Supplement Policy can save 20%-30% on a Final Expense policy. Let us help you plan for tomorrow, today.

Guaranteed Issue

Guaranteed Issue is Whole Life insurance without any health questions. The policy does have a waiting period but everyone is approved. This is a great option when there in nowhere else to turn. We offer several other options in life insurance. Universal Life, Variable Universal. Single, Fixed and Flexible Premium are some others offered.

Term Life

Term Life Insurance is a set amount of insurance and is purchased for a specific Time Frame, or Term. It is usually purchased as debt protection (Loans, Mortgage Payments, Long Term debts etc.). Term Life typically has higher face amounts and lower premiums than Whole Life insurance. This is due to its limited time frame for coverage.

Whole Life

Whole Life Insurance stays in force as long as premiums are paid. Whole Life doesn’t expire until the insured passes away. Premiums are level throughout the life of the policy. Premiums are based off your current age at the time the policy is put into effect.

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