Home Care Plus

Home Care Plus makes it possible to stay in your own home with skilled assistance when faced with a medically necessary need for home health care.

Base Plan Benefits

Home Care Indemnity*

This coverage will pay a weekly benefit for in-home care by a home care practitioner or a qualified staff member of a licensed home health care agency. Home care services must be medically necessary. Three practitioner visits per week are required.

*At least one unit ($150 per week) of Home Care Indemnity must be purchased.


Daily Hospital Indemnity*

This coverage will pay a daily hospital benefit if you are confined in a hospital, including observation stays in a hospital.

*At least one unit ($10 per day) of Daily Hospital Indemnity must be purchased with the Home Care Indemnity benefit.


Optional Plan Benefits

Lump Sum Cancer Fixed Indemnity Rider (Optional)

This rider pays a lump sum benefit at the first occurrence of medically diagnosed cancer. Only one cancer benefit amount will be paid to you. The rider terminates or the one-time cancer benefit is paid.


Hospital Emergency Room Visit and Ambulance Service Indemnity Rider (Optional)

This rider pays a benefit for either an ambulance service or a hospital emergency room visit. Services must be medically necessary and on an emergency bases. The maximum benefit is up to two times per year.


With Home Care Plus you can have the peace of mind knowing a certified nurse can come to your house and help you on your road to recovery.
The plan pays directly to you, allowing you to use the funds to maximize your recovery. 

Did you know?

Almost a quarter of all seniors visit the emergency room due to these top 10 conditions:

Injuries and Accidents
Heart Disease
Chest Pain
Adverse effects and complications of medical treatment
Abdominal Pain
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Urinary Tract Infection
Spinal Disorders