Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke

Have you ever thought about the non-medical costs associated with cancer? If you’ve had a friend or family member battle cancer, you may know what all it cost to receive the best care you can. You may have a medical plan that will cover your doctor visits, surgery, and treatment. But, what about those extra prescription costs? Most cancer prescriptions are tier 5 and very expensive. What if you want to go to MD Anderson or John Hopkins, but don’t live anywhere near them. What if you can’t financially afford to miss work during treatment?


We offer cancer coverage that can allow you to do all of this. These lump sum cancer plans pay out directly to you upon the first diagnosis. These plans work alongside your current medical coverage to help give you the freedom to pay for treatment at any of the top cancer hospitals. This lump sum can help cover the increased prescription drug cost from cancer, or it can be something as simple as allowing you to take some time off work and rest during treatment.  Not only can we cover you we also have plans to cover you and a spouse as well as family plans. Give us a call today so we can help you find the best plan for you!

Heart Attack and Stroke

Heart attack and stroke, two of the most deadly health issues, they are normally undetectable and can hit at any time. Your health plan may cover all of your medical bills, but what about the new prescriptions, missed work, or therapy?  We offer several different plans that pay you a lump sum at the first diagnosis. The plan can be a standalone plan or a rider on a cancer plan. These plans also can cover you, you and a spouse,  or a family plan. Call us today to get more information and sign up!