Episode 2 Insider Scoop:

The A, B, C's of Medicare

Part B of Medicare is your medical (out-patient). Once you have chosen to elect Part B, there will be a monthly premium (average premium $144). Part B will cover 80% of your costs and you are responsible for the remaining 20% and a annual deductible of $198 (2020).


Listen hear to some of the questions answered not in the episode.

Product Review

Hospital Indemnity

Medicare Confessions

We will share stories of our experiences with Medicare.

Product Review:

  • Recovery Care
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Presciption Drug Plan
  • Medicare Supplement

The Four Parts of Medicare:

Part A

Part A is your hospitalization
coverage and the
first part of
Medicare you
will receive.

Part B

Part B is your
medical or out-
patient. Which
you receive
once you have elected it.

Part C

Part C is known
as a Medicare Advantage
Plan or MAPD.

Part D

Part D is your
stand alone
prescription drug
plan. They are government run.

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