Nick Keene

“As the Manager of Senior Benefit Inc., I take pride in our work. I also pride this field in the ability to improve others lives. Whether dealing with clients or employees my goal is always to be a knowledgeable support system. Guiding clients towards the best company and rate to fit their needs is my number one goal and guiding employees to reach their full potential. In my 6+ years in the insurance business with SBI I have been lucky enough to work my way up continually with hard work, dedication, and empathy. The insurance business has been phenomenal for my life and career.”

Nick Keene

Manager of Sales

"I have worked at Senior Benefit Inc. for 2 and a half years. I
would say my favorite part of my job is helping people find the
right product to fit their needs. When they call back and tell me
how happy they are with their decision, I know I did my job.
Then I get a call that a customer was so happy they advised
their friends and family to check us out."
Zach Haire
Senior Benefit Specialist
"I graduated college and feared that I would not get to use my degree. Little did I know Senior Benefit Inc. would allow me to
grow and use the knowledge I learned in college. So I was able
to not only do exactly what I received my degree for but also
the things I enjoy. I have most certainly gained a family in this company. and always look forward to coming to my job."
Katie Carpenter
Marketing Assistant
"I am so thankful to be part of a wonderful company that
feels just like family. I have gained so much knowledge about
the insurance industry since coming to work here and I love
passing that knowledge along to our clients and helping
them identify their insurance needs. I love talking to our
clients and finding out their insurance concerns and then
being able to provide them guidance in making such
important decisions.This has been the most rewarding job
I have ever had!"
Dawn Caldwell
Senior Benefit Specialist
"I am very grateful to Senior Benefit Inc. for giving me the opportunity to be part of their work team, which is a first class.
What I liked the most is that I can work in my primary language
and help Spanish-speaking people regarding their health
benefits. In addition, I have received calls from very grateful
clients, knowing that I have been able to help them fills me with pride and satisfaction."
Liz Santiago
Senior Insurance Specialist