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Have you ever wanted a job where you help people every day and go home at night with that warm feeling that you’ve done some good in the world? Here at Senior Benefit our great team does exactly that, each and every day, and across the nation, too.

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*Please note all positions are IN-HOUSE ONLY at our Knoxville, Tennessee home office.

We educate Baby Boomers about Medicare and then explain their options for supplemental coverage. The best thing about working with Medicare beneficiaries is that “a-ha!” moment when your client suddenly starts to understand Medicare because you’ve explained it in such a way that makes it easy to follow.

Most people find Medicare very confusing because, from the time they turn 65,  they are literally bombarded by information in the form of mailers, postcards, television and radio ads, and even a government handbook that is full of bewildering terminology.

It is our pleasure to walk a client through the basics of Medicare and boil it down into manageable pieces of information. Sharing our knowledge and helping people find peace of mind in coverage that perfectly suits them is our specialty. We work with clients of all backgrounds across America and delight in over-delivering service to them.

When you enroll someone, you’ll know that you are helping that client for the life of that policy. It’s never just an enrollment at Senior Benefit. We support our clients for the life of their policy, and that is why we have so many clients on the books who have been with us since we started!

Our team of insurance agents – both sales team members and client service team members – are truly the best in the industry.

You’ll do well here if you are ambitious and you take pride in the results that you achieve. We aim for a workforce that is dedicated, diverse, respectful of others, and driven to succeed.

If you live in the Knoxville area and think you would enjoy being part of a positive, upbeat workforce, fill out the form below.

Looking to be an Independent Agent?

We provide downline contracts through our parent company Financial Services, Inc. (FSI).