Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke

Anyone can be diagnosed with Cancer, Heart Attack, or Stroke at any time.
Even those who lead a healthy lifestyle risk being diagnosed with one or more of these illnesses.
No one likes to think about the possibilities.
But the risks are real.


Second most common cause of death*

87% of all cancers are diagnosed in persons 50 or older*

41% of Men and 38% of Women will be diagnosed during their lifetimes*

Heart Attack

Number one cause of death for both Women and Men**

Responsible for one out of every four deaths***

Average age at first Heart Attack 65.6 Males 72 Females**


Third leading cause of death in Women and fifth in Men****

Leading cause of serious Long-Term disability**

Recovery is a lifelong process****

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The survival rates for all three illnesses are increasing.

Treatment comes at a cost – and those costs are increasing as well.

Cancer Heart Attack and Stroke

Number of Cancer survivors to increase by 31%
Largest increase among age 65 and older

 85% of people who have a Heart Attack will survive

Heart Attack and Stroke death will reduce by 6%